5-tone Sequential Decoders-Encoder

  • FX4071 5-tone Hybrid Decoders/Encoder
  • FX4071 5-tone Hybrid Decoders/Encoder
  • FX4071-FX5070 Hybrid CML


  • Fully Functional 5-Tone Selective Calling System Thick Film Hybrid Construction
  • Uses CML FX407A/FX507A Chip
  • Fixed or  Variable System Timing
  • Encoder, Decoder and Transponder
  • Choice of Package Style


The FX 4070A, FX 5070A, FX 4071A and FX 5071A are integrated circuits fabricated using thick film hybrid techniques and include a monolithic LSI semiconductor chip. The circuit comprises all necessary components to provide a 5-tone selective calling encoder/decoder which complies with the requirements of the CCIR standard (FX 4070A or FX 4071A) or the ZVEI standard (FX 5070A or FX 5071A). In all respects the operation of these devices is identical to the recommended circuit used in the application of the CML FX 407A/FX 507A integrated circuit. The hybrid circuits include passive components necessary for correct system operation, the trimmer potentiometer required to set frequency calibration is externally connected and external components may also be used to modify internally set system timing parameters.
For more information see the FX407 page.
FX5070 typical application
Typical circuit
FX4071 Hybrid Package


Tone Frequencies

CCIR: 1121 1200.5 1278 1357 1444 1541 16-38 1747 1856.3 1983 2113 2401 Hz

ZVEI: 1057.5 1163 1269 1402 1530 1665.5 1828 2001 2203 2403 2601 2796 Hz