FX503 Tone Generator

Fully Programmable 17-Tone Generator

  • FX503 CML Tone Generator
  • FX503 Tone Generator CML - Lot
  • Programmable 17-Tone generator
  • ZVEI, CCIR, EEA Tonesets
  • Fully programmable
  • Low power CMOS
  • Automatic repeat function
  • On-chip tone timer
  • Low-distortion sinewave output
  • TX delay facility

The FX503 is a CMOS fully programmable 17-tone generator which may be used as a Selcall encoder for CCIR, ZVEI and EEA tone standards. An FX503 is also available for the EIA tone standard (see separate data sheet). The output tone is a low-distortion, 16-step, pseudo sine wave whose frequency is selected by four programming inputs. Tone period timing is controlled by an externally applied 'data change' input. Alternatively, the device has an onboard timer which outputs 100, 70 or 40 ms timed Outputs, depending on the tone version used. This output may be linked to the data change input to achieve self-timing of the tone period. The device has an AUTO REPEAT function which will cause it to automatically insert the 'Repeat' tone when consecutive tone numbers are the same. A TX delay facility is available to allow for the transmitter 'power up' time. All tone frequencies and internal timings are controlled by a 560 kHz reference oscillator comprising an on-chip inverter and external resonator/XTAL. Alternatively, an external clock may be used.
Purple ceramic case and golden pins.