LT1006 MJ8 Precision Amplifier

LT1006, Single Supply Op Amp in Hermetic Ceramic Case

  • LT1006 MJ8 Operational Amplifier
  • LT1006 MJ8 Operational Amplifier


  • Single Supply Operation
    • Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground
    • Output Swings to Ground while Sinking Current
  • Guaranteed Offset Voltage: 50µV Max
  • Guaranteed Low Drift: 1.3µV/°C Max
  • Guaranteed Offset Current: 0.5nA Max
  • Guaranteed High Gain:
    • 5mA Load Current: 1.5 Million Min
    • 17mA Load Current: 0.8 Million Min
  • Guaranteed Low Supply Current: 520µA Max
  • Supply Current can be Reduced by a Factor of 4
  • Low Voltage Noise, 0.1Hz to 10Hz: 0.55µVP-P
  • Low Current Noise:
    • Better than OP-07: 0.07pA/√Hz at 10Hz
  • High Input Impedance: 250MΩ Min
  • Minimum Supply Voltage: 2.7V Min
  • Operating Temperature Range – 55°C to 125°C

We still have a small stock of LT1006MJ8, in hermetic ceramic case, that we use on our, high-end, voltage reference boards with the LTZ1000, where the current noise performance is an important parameter.