LTZ1000 Charger

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  • LTZ1000 Charger Board
  • LTZ1000 Charger Board


13.2V, 75mA linear charger based on Linear Technology LTC4079. Features constant voltage, constant current, current sensing and reverse current protection. Charging can be terminated by either C/10 or an adjustable timer. A Maxim MAX8212, monitor the battery voltage and disconnect the load when the voltage is too low. Useful for LTZ1000 circuit when an under-voltage condition can destroy the chip.

The charger is designed for NiCd or Pb, 1A/h - 2.2A/h rechargeable battery, and provides 75mA to the load; when the battery is charged, the circuit switches to C/50. If the battery voltage falls below 10V, a voltage monitor disconnects the load, avoiding overheating LTZ1000 due to the increased temperature set-point.
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LTZ1000 Battery Charger Diagram

Part List

Part    Value   Device   Package

  • C1  10u    CPOL-EU   SMC_D
  • C2  100n  C-EU_C1206 
  • C3  1u      C-EU_C1206  
  • C4  100n  C-EU_C1206
  • F1  0.5A   MF-NSMF050-2  Bourns  FUSC3216X85N
  • F2  200mA MF-NSMF020-2 Bourns FUSC3216X85N
  • IC1 LTC4079  Analog Devices  DFN10-3X3
  • IC2 MAX8212CS  Maxim SO08
  • J1  Connector 1X02-PTH  M1X2
  • J2  Connector 1X03-PTH  M1X3
  • J3  Connector 1X03-PTH  M1X3
  • Q2 DMP3099 MOSFET-PCHANNEL Diodes Incorporated SOT23-3
  • R1 10k   R-EU_R0805 
  • R2 4k12 R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R3 2M    R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R4 200k R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R5 50k   R-EU_R1206 1% 100ppm
  • R6 100k R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R7 768k R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R8 86k6 R-EU_R0805 0.1% 25ppm 
  • R9 10k   R-EU_R1206 1% 100ppm 
  • R10 1M  R-EU_R1206 1% 100ppm