SL2363 - 2364 Arrays

SL2363 - SL2364 Transistors Array 

  • SL2363C Transistors Array Plessey
  • SL2364C Transistors Array Plessey

Complete Dual Long-Tailed Pair in One Package.
Very High fT — Typically 5GHz
Very Good Matching including Thermal Matching


Wide Band Amplification Stages
140 and 560 MBit PCM Systems
Fibre Optic Systems
High Performance Instrumentation
Radio and Satellite Communications


The SL2363C and SL2364C are arrays of transistors internally connected to form a dual long-tailed pair with tail transistors.They are monolithic integrated circuits manufactured on a very high speed bipolar process which has a minimum useable fT of 2.5GHz,(typically 5GHz).
SL2363C Package CM10 Plessey
Package CM10
SL2364C Package DC14 - MP14 Plessey
Package DC - DP - MP