SL3145C NPN Array

SL3145C NPN Transistors Array 

SL3145C Transistors Array Plessey
  • fT Typically 1.6 GHz
  • Wideband Noise Figure 3.0dB
  • VBE Matching Better Than 5mV
  • Wide Band Amplifiers
  • PCM Regenerators
  • High-Speed Interface Circuits
  • High-Performance Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • High-Speed Modems


The SL3145C is a monolithic array of five high frequency, low current NPN transistors. The SL3145C consists of 3 isolated transistors and a differential pair in a 14 lead DIL package. The transistors exhibit typical fT of 1.6 GHz and wideband noise figures of 3.0dB. The device is pin-compatible with the CA3046. The SL3145E has guaranteed CCB and fT figures.
SL3127C Plessey Pin Connections