SL6635 FFSK Receiver

Direct Conversion FFSK Receiver

SL6635 FFSK Receiver PLESSEY


  • Very Low Power Operation - typical 3.7mW
  • Complete Radio Receiver in one Package.
  • Operation up to 200MHz.
  • 200nV Typical Sensitivity.
  • Operates up to 1200 BPS.
  • On-Chip Tunable Active Filters.
  • Minimum External Component Count
  • Low Power-Down Current - Typical 5µA
  • Easy Alignment


The SL6635 is a low power direct conversion radio receiver for the reception of frequency shift keyed transmissions. It features the capability to "power down" for battery conservation.

The device also includes on-chip adjustable channel filter, voltage references and a low battery flag indicator
Hermetic 44-Pin Leadless Chip Carrier - LP44