NJ8811 Synthesiser

NJ8811 Frequency Synthesiser Plessey


The NJ8811 is an N-channel MOS integrated circuit that provides all the decoding and controlling circuitry for frequency synthesisers. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a 4-modulus prescaler such as the SP8901 or SP8906 to produce a universal binary coded synthesiser for mobile radio applications.

The NJ8811 is the predecessor of the NJ8812 and was designed for 50kHz channel spacing.
The SP8906/NJ8811 combination is capable of dividing by all integer values between 3840 and 69375. When the Range pin on the NJ8811 is grounded the programmed range is shifted to between 36608 and 102143.
Table 1 gives reference frequencies that can be preset using a 4.8MHz crystal oscillator.
For other features see the
NJ8811 Channel Spacing Plessey

Table 1