Plessey Radio ICs

  • SL6601 FM Receiver

    SL6601 Circuit for Narrow Band FM Plessey
    The SL6601 contains a mixer, an IF amplifier and a PLL FM detector; features built-in squelch, low power consumption and high RF sensitivity
  • SL6635 FFSK Receiver

    SL6635 FFSK Receiver PLESSEY
    The SL6635 is a direct conversion, 200 MHz, FFSK (Fast Frequency Shift Keying) receiver with high sensitivity and low power consumption. Very rare integrated circuit.
  • SL6640 IF/AF for FM

    SL6640 Low Power IF Amplifier Plessey
    Single chip FM receiver with limiting amplifier, detector, carrier squelch, DC volume control and an audio amplifier with 200mW of power
  • SL6654 IF/AF for FM

    SL6654 IF/AF for FM radio PLESSEY
    Single chip FM receiver with low power consumption and stable RSSI usable up to 100 MHz; sensitivity is 3µV; DC current consumption is 1.5mA
  • SL6655 FM Receiver

    SL6655 FM Receiver Plessey
    Single conversion receiver with amplifier, mixer, oscillator, detector and consumption of only 1mA at 0.95V; sensitivity is 250nV for 12dB Sinad
  • SL6700 AM Radio

    SL6700 AM Radio PLESSEY
    The SL6700A is a double conversion IF amplifier with detector, a delayed AGC generator and a noise blanker for AM radio applications