PRC-677  PRC-677A

PRC-677 PRC-677A

The PRC-677 is a 3 Watt manpack VHF (FM) Radio, made by IRET, Electra and Island Labs, designed to provide command communications at battalion and company level. Field-proven in the Gulf war, it was also used in vehicles by mounted troops; it is intended to perform a similar role as the US AN/PRC-77 and is well suitable for local assembly. It can be combined with various ancillary equipment to provide a backpack, vehicular or semi-fixed station operation.
Features microprocessor controlled digital synthesis; frequency range 30 to 80 MHz in 25 KHz steps giving a total of 2000 programmable channels. Four knobs set the desired frequency on the side of the radio which can be operated even in the dark by counting clicks from the end-stops. The “A” version adds ten preset channels and data transmission. The modular construction allows easy field service. Silent ATU operates with either 1 or 3-meter whips.
RF power output is selectable 3 watts high (optional 2 watts), or 100 mW low and the transmitting range is up to 10 Km when used with 1.2-meter standard whip antenna in open countryside, and up to 20 Km when used with a long antenna. The radio can be able of transmitting at much greater distances by adding an external clip on 20 Watt RF amplifier. Requires 11 VDC (100 mA max RX), 1.5 A (TX high), 400 mA (TX low) as supplied by an internal rechargeable battery pack or vehicular accessories.
Accessories include PAL-30, a 30W vehicular RF power amplifier (VRQ-109), CU-14 vehicular antenna tuner, and CV-3TA optional vehicular antenna tuner, 2.75 meters long vehicular antenna, PU-66 24 VDC fixed station power supply, PU-64 12 VDC fixed station power supply.
Local squelch facility by either 150 Hz tone modulation and level of received signal. Auto-Rebroadcast operates on 150 Hz modulated receive signal.