Plessey Misc ICs

  • SL650 Modulator

    SL650 Plessey
    The SL650 is capable of performing a variety of modulation functions. A variable frequency oscillator is programmable by voltage, current or resistor.
  • SL6270C VOGAD

    SL6270C VOGAD Plessey
    The SL6270 is an audio amplifier with voice operated gain and a dynamic range of 50dB, fast attack time and a temperature range from -30 to 85°C
  • SL6440 Active Mixer

    SL6440 Balanced Mixer Plessey
    The SL6440 is an active, double balanced, high-level mixer with programmable gain and +30dBm of intercept point; the maximum frequency is 150 MHz
  • SP1648 ECL Oscillator

    SP1648 ECL Oscillator Plessey
    The SP1648 is a VHF oscillator with compatible ECL outputs; the tank circuit consists of a varactor and an inductor
  • SP5055 Synthesiser

    SP5055 Single Chip Synthesiser Plessey
    The SP5055 is a single chip frequency synthesiser designed for TV tuning systems and input frequency of 2.5GHz; controls are via bi-directional IIC bus
  • SP705 Crystal Oscillator

    SP705 Crystal Oscillator Plessey
    The SP705 is a monolithic square wave oscillator designed for use with AT-cut quartz crystal, typical drive level is 0.15mW, and load capacitance is 14pF
  • SP9768 DAC

    SP9768 D-A Converter Plessey
    The SP9768 is an high-speed DAC (digital to analog converter) with settling time of five nanoseconds, current output, and 50-ohm drive capability
  • SP9770 DAC

    SP9770 D-A Converter Plessey
    The SP9770B is a 10-bit DAC with 12nsec settling time. The chip includes a high-performance voltage reference and reference amplifier.
  • ZN427 8-BIT DAC

    ZN4278-BIT Successive Approximation ADC
    The ZN427 is an 8-bit DAC with 10µsec settling time. The chip includes a high-performance voltage reference and utilises successive approximation tecnique.